Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 100 - new start

Calling this day 100, because I started new.  Got drunk and decided to re-up for $100 !  Serves me right for drinking.  But at least I have 500 credits.  And I actually have a few seemingly real prospects.
One girl has her photo posted and she gave me her key.  Cute. She says she is a bit over weight but from the face pics I dont think that will be a problem. She is into her curves. That is alright with me. I think she is a real possibility.

The other girl has no public pic and seems to be just exploring.  But she and I have gone back and forth with some get-to-know you emails.  And in her last email she innocently asked if I had had an affair before...hmmm. Is she looking for an experienced man...haha  

At least it gives me something interesting to do for a while.

Stay tuned

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 8 - A little freaked out

OK, so I shared my private photos with what seemed to be a real women.  I got the auto-confirmation that she did received the email with the private key.  And then she apparently decided to hide or delete her profile because she is now no longer able to be found.  WTF!   Sort of freaked me out a bit. Did she recognize my photo and is going to contact my wife?  Did she get cold feet?   Like I said, left me feeling exposed.  So I first hid, then later deleted my photos from my profile.  Why? Not sure.  Just felt like it was out of control.  Was thinking of deleting my entire profile or hiding it, but figured at this point what could be the harm of leaving it up there.

Oh, and I learned another AM money making gimmick.  If  you want to delete your profile they will charge you $20 for 'complete' deletion. Jeez.

And have not received any response from any of the other members I emailed, so losing my interest and confidence in this site for now.  

Going to keep my profile up (less pictures) for now just to see if my supposed real girl ever tries to contact me again.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 6 - Photo Uploaded and Private Key Shared

I uploaded some tame photos of me as private photos.  I emailed back the one supposedly real girl that had contacted me, telling her I was going to upload photos and to let me know if she was still interested.
She made a generic request for a private key, then sent an email asking me to share my photo when they were up.   I am highly nervous about sharing my face and providing someone with positive association that it is ME trying to hook up.  But at the same time I am highly curious if find me attractive enough to continue to correspond.  I question whether or not I could ever go all the way with this, but I have to admit its been fun thinking about it.  And of the 5 woman I have emailed she is the only one who has replied.  And before I start trying to contact others I am going to see where this ends up.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 5 - A real contact? Do I upload a photo?

This morning I did get a response to one of the emails I sent to the member I will refer to as RealGirl?
She did not have a public photo and her profile had long descriptions, not simply the checkbox answers.
She has been married to same guy forever and does not want that to change. She described herself as fit, energetic, successful, confident and looking for a friend and if that clicks, move to a physical relationship.  She is in no rush. Sounds normal and real to me...and is the type of relationship I want out of this.  She said she is being picky and wanted a normal photo (no dick shots..haha) , just to be sure there is a minimum attraction.
I do not have a photo uploaded yet and am reluctant to do so out of fear of getting caught.
But I emailed her a nice message, let her know it sounded like we were looking for same thing, but I dont have a photo yet.
After 2 days she did reply. According to her mine was one of the nicer emails she has received in some time. In fact, she had given up on AM for a while.  She gave me access to her profile photo which was a face and body shot.  The body shot was her in a nice blouse, nothing sexy. She is definitely cute and looks in good shape.  Looks her age (42).  So she does seem real.  I am excited.
Now the big dilemna is whether I put up a photo and let her see it.
If I want this to move forward I think I must.
Stay tuned

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 4 - Not much going on yet

Set up my profile on a Wednesday.  Did not buy any credits.  When I logged back on on a Friday had 3 'admirers' and two emails from 2 of the 3 admirers. So I did buy 100 credits for $30 and replied to the emails and sent an email to the admirer who had not emailed me.
Did not get a reply yet from anyone.
And the 2 girls that originally emailed me appear to be online 100% of the time. So I am skeptical if they are real women looking for a connection.
I also found 2 more profiles that looked interesting and sent them emails.
So I after all this activity I am down to 20 credits and no reply.
I have sent emails to 5 woman and have yet to have a reply.  The 3 women that seem to be real have not logged on since I sent them emails.
I am not going to use their real Ashley Madison tags, but will identify the members I am trying to contact with some descriptor and indicate whether or not they had a picture.

OnlineAlways1-had a profile pic
OnlineAlways2-had a profile pic with face blurred
HotBikiniPic1-had a pic of a woman with great body with face blurred
Admirer1-no pic,but she admired me
RealGirl1?-no pic, she did not admire me, I liked her profile

Will I meet someone on Ashley Madison?

I decided to try Ashley Madison.  Why? Why do you think!  I want to meet another married woman to become friends and then start having hopefully great sex.  Not into a quickie or one-night stand.  Want to have a long term , mutually satisfying , sexual friendship.

If you are like me, a married man skeptical of the site, stay tuned.  I will keep my progress updated here.

Wish me luck!